Is this the night that you put yourself under pressure to look your best for your Valentine?

Your hair, make-up, and outfit all have to be perfect…. But what is Valentine’s hair? What do you have to do to turn your normal dinner date hair into something extra special?

Don’t fear I have done the research for you, from heart shaped braids to hair accessories. This year Valentine’s Day is a Wednesday, which means most of us may be at work and time is short.

These are some options for the perfect Valentine hair.

  1. If you are skilled and have had the time to practice, the heart shaped braid is the ultimate Valentine show of love.
  2. Adding a heart shaped accessory into your hair can take you from desk to dinner.
  3. Creating a Valentine ready kinked textured, this requires more time but is totally worth it! My guide to creating the perfect Valentine texture is below.

The prep is really important to creating this mussed up texture.

  1. Apply Sea Salt Spray into the hair and dry in with your fingers, this will add volume and the perfect texture to create Valentine kinked waves. Repeat application until your hair feels gritty but not greasy. If you prefer not to use sea salt spray I recommend Dry Shampoo to add a second day feel to your hair.
  2. Section your hair from ear to ear and clip the remainder away. Using the ghd Classic wave Wand  wrap your hair smoothly around the wand,  flat like a ribbon, wrapping the mid section of the hair only. This leaves a straighter end and no waves at the root.
  3. Repeat this technique on the rest of your hair making sure you don’t add the wave too high. Top tip – The kink should never be higher than your check bone. If you would like additional texture I would recommend alternating your sections, clockwise and anticlockwise.
  4. To finish flip your head upside down and shake to reveal the Valentine texture.
  5. An accessory would be perfect addition!

This mid kink wave is going to be my dinner date hair for this year!

Happy Valentine’s day and I hope you all get spoilt.

Love Jo x


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