Where did this year disappear to?

I worry that time is disappearing so quickly, where did 2018 go? This year I had to make some decisions for my own health. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great job at ghd, I travelled a lot, worked with some amazing people but time scared me.

We put so much into our careers sometimes putting it before friends and family but looking back at 2018 I have had the most amazing year both personally and professionally.

These are my top 10

  1. Starting a hair blog – This allowed me to expand myself professional
  2. 2 skiing holidays in my favourite place Zell Am See
  3. ghd The Edit – After 2 years finally filming ghd first professional inspirational videos and a grand total of 40 in 5 days! I have been working on this project for years and so happy with the results.
  4. ghd global education shoot – Working with an incredible team producing I feel the best professional images to date for ghd
  5. ghd Long Live The Queen’s campaign – Being part of such a huge production has to be a hi light of anyones career never mind year!
  6. Purchasing a hot tub! No need to expand 🙂
  7. UK Wella Trend Vision – Bringing the Queen Maker vision to life with an amazing fun, inspirational and high energy show
  8. ghd show in Shanghai – Possibly the shortest trip ever (48 hours)
  9. ghd Queen Maker tour – bring hair and social media together
  10. Making the decision to start my business

I am so excited for 2019, do you have goals set?


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