What I pack in my travel bag

As part of my role at ghd I have to travel globally, I know this sounds super exciting but honestly its a lot of airports and hotels. There are many perks, the hotels are generally lovely (I have had a few shockers but that’s another blog) The part that really gets on my nerves is forgetting essentials.

I have forgotten most of my essentials at one point or another, there is nothing more annoying than when your just about to get in the shower and you release you have not conditioner or my worst one was no cleanser or moisturizer!

I have become obsessed with mini size products and have a bag ready for all the time with essentials, I thought I had found success until the last time I travelled and forgot the bag! All the sizes are under travel restrictions and I have really cut everything down to essentials only.

Finding the right bag –
The bigger the bag the more products you feel you need to pack. Do you agree? It’s just like your handbag. I am using a Virgin Atlantic bag I got on a flight. It’s the perfect size and everything that is in there can be put into the clear airport security bags. Another lesson learnt that you have to seal the bag to get your items through security.

Ear plugs –
I have been kept awake many nights at busy hotels that are either noisy inside or out. It’s never a good sign when a hotel supply you with ear plugs! Ear plugs along with my Bose noise cancelling headphones are an necessity. Did you know there are women’s ear plugs? Neither did I! No wonder my ears always hurt we I used them. My husband snores (a lot) and I have found a great site for ladies ear plugs here

Door stop – 
A fellow commuter told me about this, always pack a rubber door stop so you can wedge it under your hotel door and stop anyone entering. It does give you piece of mind.

Hair ties –
A must for long haul flights, a quick ponytail can sort anything out and has the added advantage of making you look more awake.

Instant tan –
I’m not a big fake tanner but I always pack some instant tan. When travelling in the winter you forget how pale your skin gets especially when getting your legs out, I have tried many different brands but always go back to Rimmel Sun Shimmer. I also pack a sleep mask gradual tan by James Read. Even if your feeling drained this can make you look like your glowing.

Screen screen protection –
I hate getting burnt and have been caught out in different countries by the strength of the sun on my fair sun, I have built in sunscreen as a daily essential. I am using Glossier Invisible Shield. Once applied you don’t feel anything stick and does not effect your make up.

Hand cream –
My hands get really dry when travelling and feel horrible, they are also a big give away of your age so protect! I use L’Occitiane Amande Hand cream, it just smells mazing!

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These are my absolute essentials that are in my bag with the rest of my daily hair and skin care, as a lone female traveller sometime you need to protect yourself. The door stop really does make you feel safe. Is there anything you do that I can add to my essentails?






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