What do you do when you lose your make-up bag?

Last year I lost my make-up bag…..and I mean everything! I stupidly packed my whole make-up bag into my hand luggage. Why? I still don’t understand my thought process. I think I was rushed and just took everything.

I was travelling to LA, so if you have been to the US recently you will understand me. Coming off a long haul flight, what do you want? A photo taken at passport control? ERM No! Having travelled there quite frequently I have a catalogue of really terrible images at immigration. I would be horrified if these were ever seen on social media, so I decided to try and rectify this by freshening up and applying make-up before going through passport control.

Big mistake! My photo looked marginally better, but in my dazed jet lagged state I lost my makeup bag. This is over a year ago and I am still not over it. Why take another woman’s make up? My theory is I dropped it in a yellow cab but this will forever be a mystery.

This blog is about rebuilding your make-up stash from zero.

What are your make-up bag must haves?

As I was standing in Sephora in LA, I just did not know where to start. The most amazing Sephora assistant took pity on me and was horrified when I told him my story. He whisked me around the shop showing me his version of essentials and suggesting some new items. It turned into a fun adventure and I bought some items that I would never have thought of.

At this point, I would also like to mention my lovely friend Janine who shared her make-up bag with me.

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These are my essentials for rebuilding your make up kit from nothing.

  • Foundation – I was previously using YSL but was recommended Too Faced – Born This Way foundation which has an undetectable coverage, which I loved, it felt like it brightened my skins appearance and I had quite a few compliments.
  • Bronzer – I must admit I bought the same Too Faced bronzer as previous. My Sephora angel recommended this even before said I used it already. I love the fresh glowing look it give me. This is one of my must haves, even without foundation this gives me a youthful glow.
  • Eyebrow pencil – A few years ago this wouldn’t have been such an urgent purchase but I really don’t feel like myself unless I have the perfect eyebrows. I previously used HD brows pencil but purchased the Benefit precisely my brow pencil,
  • Lipstick – I had been a MAC girl for quite a few years and had not ventured to other brands. The store I was in didn’t stock MAC and they recommended Tarte Tartiest quick dry matte lip paint. I just adored the full long lasting, transfer proof coverage of this lip paint. The downside is that it can dry your lips, I recommend using a lip balm in-between uses. The good news is that they now ship to the UK.
  • Mascara – This is a new love of mine. I did buy the Sephora own brand mascara, but on returning to London bought the Eyeko mascara which I have re-purchased several times. It doesn’t smudge or face creep. Another thing to love about this brand is that you can customise your mascara specifically for you. Create your own perfect mascara.
  • Eye liner – This is my ultimate eyeliner, I have tried so many over the years. This is a middle age issue, but your close up vision starts to blur, and being able to see how to create a perfect flick gets more challenging! This eyeko eyeliner is the easiest eye liner I have ever come across.
  • Brushes – This is something I had not thought about. Over the years you buy different brushes and don’t really think about the cost of rebuilding your basics. I bought I few Sephora essentials, the quality is excellent and would recommend buying more of these brushes.

I have now become more experimental with my make-up. I never travel with my full make-up bag, and finally, immigration images are never seen, so don’t worry about them!

Love, Jo x




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