Future hair trends we should know about NOW!

Our clients are becoming more and more aware of product ingredients and their benefits, there is a thirst for product transparency. We are starting to see skincare ingredients and regimes become as important in hair care; clients are also more aware of natural ingredients and making sustainable choices. The global hair care market is expected to grow again which is great news for the industry. Recent market research predicts this growth to be around 3% and worth a massive $74 billion.

Pinterest and Instagram have enabled customers to find out about emerging trends way in advance, the rise of social media has changed their expectations, consumers understand trends as much as the professional industry.

These are the Future Hair Trends you need to know;

  • Ingredients that work from the inside out rather than just treating the outside of the hair will become more popular.
  • Anti-pollution haircare will emerge as a trend, this is already widely used in the skin care market. Clients will be looking for products that protect, a recent report stated that 92% of the global population is affected by air pollution. Look out for ingredients like water lily and amla to fight against dust and pollution.
  • The Korean multi-step skin care regime trend is set to influence the hair care industry, with some early adopter brands building a targeted approach. Having a bespoke hair regime is going to be as normal as skin care, scalp tonics that nourish are going to be the basics of the new regime.
  • My favourite is the “head/scalp spa” trend which originated in Japan, this involves a digital scalp assessment to look at the hair follicles and a bespoke treatment for your scalp. This has been huge in the US and has just landed in the UK.
  • The Instagram worthy “Sheet Mask” is one of the only hair treatments that can look cool on social media. The two-in-one treatment s a deep conditioning mask and a shower cap type of hood. What is really cool is that the inner fabric lining infused with argan oil Vegabeads, a microencapsulated argan oil that adheres to the amino acid surface of damaged hair. When I first saw this I thought it was just a fancy cap, but now I need to try this!
  • The last trend is the natural and non synthetic, the wellness trend is here to stay, the desire to stay away from SLS and SLES synthetics grows, clients are expressing a desire to find natural and organic hair care, this is becoming really important. The size of this market will reach $13 billion this year.

Our job now is to be ready for the future. I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to comment.

Love Jo x


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