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Wella’s largest event, the 16th International Trend Vision Award was held in Lisbon this weekend. The final part of the year long competition, 76 participants from 43 countries arrived in Lisbon, but this year Wella has reinvented the traditional competition to an event that is about mentoring the talent, networking with the elite of hairdressing and recognition. This is completely different and a massive step change to supporting talent around the world.

My weekend started on the Friday for a media day sharing ghd Platinum and a little secret brand new ghd Oracle. Oracle is that new we don’t even have a launch date! We created quite a stir and the press loved it. I’ll give you a little sneak peak below…

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Oracle is a unique curler that allows you to have creativity and able to create multiple looks with one tool. This is the first styling product to crash cool the hair using curl Zone technology. All will be revealed next year!

The venue was one of the most traditional palaces in Xabregas, belonging to he Marquises of Olhão, the Counts of Castro Marim. The rooms were breath taking with gorgeous painting and wonderful tiles.

The day started with an introduction to the new innovations from Wella, Koleston Perfect with ME +, Seb Man, Hair colour DJ, this is a very exciting bespoke colour hair mask where you can pick the fragrance, strength and tone of the mask with 50 billion colour possibilities. For the last 130 years colour has remained with the same colour molecules which are the primary reason for allergies, the new koleston with ME + will eliminate these issues , they have also introduced their new colour addition from ILLUMINA – Opal Essence Colour in 5 warm/cool shades with shimmering light reflections giving a mother of pearl finish.

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For the rest of the weekend I was at #mycreativeretreat at another amazing venue Patio De Gale. This is where all the winners from around the world had the one to one mentoring and workshops by 16 of the industries Icons including ghd’s Zoe Irwin. The 2  & 1/2 day retreat was hosted by the legend Patrick Cameron. This shift in event style allowed Wella to celebrate the stylists and really allow them to grow. This is now more than a competition, it allows Wella to take Creative Excellence to the next level giving each stylist a unique and personal experience that will be life changing.  The contestants were split into teams with their own mentors which was the a fabulous list of who’s who in the colour and styling world.

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  • Team 1 – Abby Smith & Dmitry Vinokurov (+ gifted mentor Nico Diaz)
  • Team 2 – Sonya Dove & Akin Konizi (+ gifted mentor Marta DelaPena)
  • Team 3 – Markus Hermann & Christophe-Nicolas Biot (+ gifted mentor Christie Hoogesteger)
  • Team 4 – Cyrill Brun & Matthias Herzberg (+ gifted mentor Claire Doyle)
  • Team 5 – Zoe Irwin & Miguel Estelrich (+ gifted mentor Cath McGuinness)
  • Team 6 – Alexis Ferrer & Bruce Masefield (+ gifted mentor Katie Howarth)
  • Team 7 – Renya Xydis & Andreas Kurkovitz (+ gifted mentor Victoria Thurman-Hall)
  • Team 8 – Darren Ambrose & Jayson Gray (+ gifted mentor Manjushree Soni)

Each day had different tasks to compete in competitions which was announced at the recognition award on the Sunday night.

And the winners are…..

ITVA 2018 International Color Vision Award: Tanya Grant (Australia)
ITVA 2018 Creative Vision award Sergei Chernyshev (Russia)
ITVA 2018 social media award Anastasia Petrova (Belarus)
ITVA 2018 ghd Queen Maker Award TEAM 1 – Marcio Carvalho, Christian Vazquez Lopez, Sanya Keranen, Roxana Elena Rotaru, Lucian Ilie, Mustafa Sav, Izzet Tabak, Krista Ward, Nikki Clifford
ITVA 2018 Couture colour award TEAM 8 – Eden Hsu, Andy Huang, Jaileen Velez, Rafael Ortiz, Taisiia Romanenko, Iryna Radko, Yuiya Almetova, Amber Saft, Nikos Kouros
ITVA 2018 Speak EIMI arward TEAM 4 – Viktoria Arapin, Evelina Varatinskae, Damian Witkowski, Anna Fabianczyk, Sergei Chernyshev, Olga Geevskaya, Tristan Hawkins, Guy Kleinhaus, Jessica Déléze Venetz, Marius Bettenmann
ITVA 2018 Couture CollectionTEAM 8 – Eden Hsu, Andy Huang, Jaileen Velez, Rafael Ortiz, Taisiia Romanenko, Iryna Radko, Yuiya Almetova, Amber Saft, Nikos Ko

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Congratulations everyone it was a wonderful event!


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