The reality of commuting

I live 90 miles away from where I work, I commute every day to London and this is the reality of commuting…..

I know sitting on a train for over 2 hours a day does not seem like fun but you have to make the best of it. I have been doing this now for over four years full time and its’ now part of my life. I have train friends (known as the 18.10 Train Girls) we have prosecco Thursdays, we celebrate birthdays on the train and we help each other with work sometimes. We have lost a few girls along the way with new jobs, redundancies and a retirement but we still get together to do what we love, drink prosecco and gin! None of us knew each other before we started commuting we just collected ladies for a while, we even have a train boy now. These people make my journey bearable and fun!

There are a few things I have learnt, your work bag is your savour. This has to contain everything from nail file, hand cream, small make-up bag (you never know how you day could change, I put my make-up on  before 7am so bronzer and lippy can work wonders at 2pm) noise cancelling headphone, just in case you get a snorer or someone that types loudly to kindle. I have a small rucksack and when I spent £149 on a rucksack my husband thought I was insane! I have now had my Knomo for 3 years and it worth every penny.

  1. Always make sure you have charge in your phone & laptop before you leave work
  2. Make friends with the train crew, they have got me out of some train delay situations
  3. For the majority of the time, the trains arrive at the same platforms and leave from the same ones. If you learn to beat the crowds you can get settled before the panic starts.

I seem to have got more intolerant over the years and wanted to share my guide to train etiquette.

  1. If you are sitting in my seat and it has my name displayed please be gracious when I ask you to move
  2. In the morning please don’t talk loudly, most people want to catch another 20 mins or so extra beauty sleep
  3. When typing please don’t aggressively type, tippy tapping is so annoying
  4. Have your mobile phones on silent
  5. Finally please don’t have phone conversations on trains, it is completely rude! I don’t care about your project or what you are going to have for your dinner!!

Happy commuting!

Love Jo x


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