For sometime now I have noticed a definite shift in the industry, I believe this has been led by the very quick rising of social media. Stylists now want information as and when they want it. They  are less likely to book education 6 or 9 months in advance. Coupled with the fact if you want to learn how to do a curl, braid or up do you have a huge resource of information at your finger tips via YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for free.

It’s not just education that has changed. The way our customers are shopping has also changed. Consumer buying habits have switched to online for ease and time saving, along with best prices.

How can we as a profession keep up with the changes? What can we do to drive these customers back into the salon?

We know that retail can add a bonus to any salon revenue, but it can also create customer loyalty. ghd has recognised this trend in our consumers and have adapted our education to suit your needs and help you to be able to drive new business to the salon.

What are your clients looking for? Apart from the technical aspect, they are looking for a someone to understand their needs and recommend treatments, hair cuts etc that is bespoke to them.

What are we not giving them? The ability to look after their hair themselves at home. A lot of this comes down to the consultation. What ghd is offering is an insight to consumer trends that is unique to the brand. We also know that stylists are also less inclined to spend time in a class room environment – so we have introduced a new way of learning. With Zoe Irwin we have developed ghd girl trends that will allow you analyse your clients’ needs.

Introducing  Beauty Ambition – The Tour

We have just completed our first tour, we brought Techniques, Trends, Consumer Insights from Hair Styling Queen Zoe Irwin. We had a live shoot, where stylists could shoot their finished model images with me. I gave guidance on how to get the most out of your shot and what to look for in the edits. Finally we had expert advice on how to get instagram worthy images in our social area. The day was hosted by the fabulous Dafydd Thomas.

If you would like to join us on our next tour email for more information. The new release of dates will be out early summer 2018.

Follow ghd in @ghdhairpro for Instagram inpsiration.

Special thanks to CS media for being the perfect partner and the best support you can wish for at any event.

Love Jo x



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