The new Pantone of the year

If you are like me and obsessed with cool tones in your hair this years colour of the year might feel a little our of your comfort zone. But Pantone have spoken out and introduced us to the shade 16-1546 or in a more friendly terms Living Coral. 

We have been living in a soft rose gold world for some time so it’s no surprise that this more vibrant tone has gained momentum. Not all designers have welcomed the tone with some describing it as kitch but I like it’s playful tone and love the vibrancy of the earthy tones, it is said to be spited and sociable and I’m excited to bring this into my life.

Warmer tones in hair has been an emerging trend for sometime, blondes have been become more golden, rose and more recently peachy pinks. This more vibrant colour calls for more vibrant undertones of gold. There has already been a surge of inspiration of instagram and these are my favourites so far….

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