The must have styling accessories for a bob life

That moment when you have had a new hair cut and then left to style is yourself, these are a few tips for the must have styling accessories for a bob life.

I have had many hairstyles, some great some I would like to forget but the one that seems to stay with me is the bob. There is something about getting a new hair cut that is exciting but terrifying at the same time. Will I like it? Will I be able to style it? When the anxiety is over and you get your hair professional blowdried you are ready to swish your way out of the salon feeling a million dollars!

Over my years in the salon I have heard clients say that they are going to get their hair cut shorter so it will be easier to manage….NO! The shorter your hair the more styling it takes, long hair is fair easier to cope with than shorter hair. Be prepared to style your hair every time you wash it and remember to stock up on all your essentials. Bobs need products and lots of them. More is more with a bob and volume is everything. These are a few of my favs….

Volume products


There is nothing worse than a limp bob, make sure you use a voluming product when drying your hair. I am in love with the Wella EIMI Shape Me. It has a 48 hour hold which is perfect for adding volume. This is the most important part of your bob prep and is the foundation to your blow-dry so don’t skip this step.






You may think that a texturizer is for your second day, using a texturing spray to your freshly washed and styled hair will add volume. I have a few favourites but the one that is my go to product is the Sebastian Dynamics. This is the ultimate for when you have curled your hair and will give you that mussed up instagram worthy texture.







Your final step to getting your instagram worthy hair is choosing the right heated tool. Having a bob you have just as many styling options as long hair. Working for ghd I understand heat technology and having a tool that does what you need it to. Lots of people worry about using heat on their hair, just remember to use heat protection and pick a styler that does not heat up to hot. Your hair only needs to be heated to 185 degrees Celsius to style and anything above that can cause damage.

This look was created by me using the ghd mini styler for ghd, I love the small plates they allow you to bend and kink the hair as well as being perfect for fringes.


This is my simply guide to choosing dream hair styling tool.

Stylers Really versatile tool which you can straighten, wave, curl or kink your hair. You do need a skill level to be able to do this, you just need a little practice. See my ghd gold review here is understand the technology and here for how to inspiration.

Tongs – The size of the barrel is the size of the wave or curl you will create. You can’t straighten with tongs and is not as versatile as a styler but if you want to create one size of curl its perfect. Great for glamorous curls and waves but you do need a higher skill set as you have a clamp that you need to lift and secure when styling.

Wands – These are easier to use as you do not have the clamp on the barrel to contend with. I like using these at moment to create the mid kink barley there wave. They are great for beauty waves and adding texture.


If you like some bob inspiration take a look at my bob pinterest board

Love Jo x



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