The Hustle

As my time at ghd is coming to a close, I have started to ramp up my Jo Robertson LTD business. This blog is going to be transformed into a website…. don’t worry I will still be writing and sharing information in my blog, it’s just going to be more exciting!

If you follow my Instagram you will have seen I have started to share with you some of my business plans and have been teasing you a little about some give aways. From February I will be sharing business tips to help you grow your salon business.
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You are hopefully reading this blog because you are looking for inspiration, advice or just to tentatively see what’s out there. One of the biggest problems we have and I am guilty of doing this – Comparing yourself to others.
There are so many mixed messages about social media
Should you have one account? A personal and business?
Be authentic but not too authentic
Be inspiring but only share the glamour
Be perfect and look like you have stepped out of a salon 24/7
Should you post everyday or 3 times a day

Wow no wonder we have Insta-overwhelm!

You are unique and what you offer is unique, as soon as you realise this and actually start thinking about yourself, believing in yourself, you will become your true happy self. Focus on becoming a brand and not a business.

The Hustle – The hustle never stops, did you know only 6% of your social audience will see your post? If you think you are reaching everyone with that one post, your wrong! You need to be constantly reminding people what services you offer.

If you feel like you are just talking to yourself, you probably are. You can take time to figure it out yourself, just wait and hope it will get better or you can turn to people like me who can offer you advise.

Here are 3 things that I want you to do this weekend
1. Write a list of the services that you offer – What do you offer? Why would people come to you?
2. Ask yourself – How does that serve others?
3. Why are the services important – Why would someone book in for these services?

Once you have all of these, you need to take an honest look your business and ask yourself are you telling people about your services and what is unique about them? If you want to know how I can help you email me

Make one change this week and add a call to action to every post, tag me to show me your changes.


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