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I have talked about the changing world of the hair industry for some time now, how we learn is changing. We demand information as and when we want it. No longer to we plan to learn something in a few months. We want the information now!

Without sounding like a relic I remember planning my year of education in January, now I see a look on Instagram and want to learn it instantly. We are swamped with how to videos of anything and everything you could wish for but I feel we are missing the inspiration, the story of hair.

For sometime I have been working on a project called “The Edit” a series of videos by inspirational hairdressers. I did not want to control their inspiration, I wanted to empower them, give them the creative freedom to show us what really inspires them to allow them to create hair that is them and not conformed by a brand.

I gave them a no brief brief, which is do what you love, show me the true you of hair. The only rule was that you have to create it using ghd tools.


I got in contact with my ghd family to bring this to life;
Adam Reed
Zoe Irwin
Dafydd Thomas
Leigh-Anne Regan
Charlotte Mensah
Luke Benson
Patrick Wilson
Ria Kulik
Aliona Davy
Chris Southern

We created 40 videos in 5 days! It was so much fun, the devil details and of course finding the perfect partner who brought my vision to life CS Media and Jess Bottomley.

We will be releasing a video every Monday on the @ghdhairpro channel, take a look on the ghd YouTube account to re watch the series. Here is No1 with Adam Reed to get you started!

Clothes styling – Holly Coop
Make-up – Claire Evans

I really hope you enjoy the series and thank you for watching,


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