Summer hair cuts

Year’s ago there used to be a thing that one hair cut a season was popular and everyone had it no matter if it suited your face shape or not! Remember “The Rachel” or “The Pob”? I have had a few hair disasters in my time! Curly mullet anyone?

If you are ready for a change the summer is a perfect time to do it, your hair grows faster in the summer, the neck lines of your clothes suit shorter hair lengths and changing your colour to summer brights will give you a little lift.
So what are you waiting for? OK here is some inspiration to get you started

  1. Consult with your professional hairstylist. Ask for advise for what shapes will suit your face shape.
  2. Don’t have a hair cut because it looked good on someone else.
  3. Think about your aftercare. How much time does it take to style? What would it look like if I don’t have time to style it?

Remember Remember
Remember the shorter you go the more attention and styling is needed. Are you good at styling your hair? How much time do you leave yourself for styling hair?
Remember that what is see on Instagram is not true life, there are wigs and extensions in most hair especially celebrity hair. Have you have thought why don’t I have super thick hair? or how does their hair grow so quick?
Remember having your hair cut short in the summer does not mean you can get it long for the winter!

What is this season’s must have hair?

This season it’s all about the fringe. This needs some thought to make sure it’s the right one for your face shape. I have cut myself a fine in many times and even know a certain lady who cut a fringe in just because she was wearing a hat that day… Leigh-Anne! she would never do that now she is all grown up 🙂
I am going to rate the skill set and time needed for each of these looks.

Click on the images to reveal the full story

There are 3 fringe stories which will suit different face shapes.

So the question is… are you ready for this seasons fringe? I am very tempted!





























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