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My story so far – It’s been nearly 3 months since I have stared my blog and I am just an infant in the blogging world! It has been a really interesting few months and have learnt so much already. I have discovered a world that I did not know existed, I have become obsessed with google analytics and have also spent time on working on my own personal brand which is going to be revealed really soon.

This is the story so far….

I have noticed a shift in the hair and beauty community where clients are looking for personal recommendations rather than marketing promises (I do love our marketing team honestly!) When I started to read blogs I felt like I had a trusted friend who would tell me the truth. I also like to read real peoples interpretations of travel, being lazy on holidays is my favourite thing so having restaurant and destination recommendations is perfect for me.

As part of my role at ghd I get to visit some amazing destinations as well as hang out at cool events so I decided I would share this with you. I started to wright in secret to gain confidence, I did not know if you would be interested or if you would like it, but I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received, people have noticed my social media has changed and they have been contacting me to say they like my blog. Thank you!

Update –

My latest learning is about my newsletter and my commitment to you as well as GDPR – more to follow on this is you would like?

  1. I will only post a newsletter 2-3 times a month and promise not to spam you!
  2. You have the option to unsubscribe and to be forgotten from my email list
  3. My integrity is the upmost importance to me and I promise to be true and give your my honest review

A shameless self promotion but I would love for you to help me to grow my blog if you like what you read please share. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram Pinterest and bloglovin

What I would LOVE is your feedback, comment below and let me know what you like and what you want to see more of or less.

If your new to the world of blogs, these are a couple of my favourites to get you started.

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Love Jo x

Images sourced from Splasher @Mark Spiske and @Emma Matthews


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