Social media 101

Your social media feed is your identity, if your a salon owner it is the most powerful tool you have. It always you to show clients what your expertise is and why they need to come to you as a salon/stylist. But why is it so hard to grow your instagram or get noticed from brands? Getting a repost from a brand could grow your instagram following and clientele really quickly.

Your instagram feed should be a beautifully curated vision of your salon/stylist identity, if you want to post pictures of your dog or a night out have a personal account. Your hair account should be professional and have a theme. Stories are the new way of communicating and consistency is key, posting once every 6 months or so does not allow your clients to build a relationship with you.

First of all you need to get your basics right

  1. Lighting-
  2. Clean your lens
  3. Your look
  4. Avoid move hoover
  5. Train your assistants
  6. Schedule your posts
  7. Tag your posts

1. The right lighting is key

Invest in a selfie ring light, they are coming down in price and can be ordered on Amazon for £69.00  but if you don’t have the budget good. Have a look around your salon area. Are there some cool brick walls? Or a metal shutter? It needs to be a Instagram worthy background, nothing distracting in background and 100% should not be taken in the salon chair. I would recommend that spend sometime scouting out your background and playing with the lighting before you take your clients outside. If you want to keep the selfie area inside, have a think about a greenery wall, these look really great on photos. depending on your budget here are a few suggestions John Lewis Evergreen

2. Clean your lens

I know this sounds silly but have you ever taken a picture and it blurry and posted it? When you look back you think “what was I thinking”
Always clean your lens before taking any picture, you phone goes to a lot of places and the dirt and grease will effect your picture. Have a soft cleaning cloth to hand but never use your finger!

3. Your look

Do your research, knowing what type pf hair you specialise in what other accounts are getting a lot of likes for similar hair. Make sure you follow all the rules and get the perfect photo. Is this hair up to standard? You have to be really honest with yourself, if you not sure don’t post. Don’t rely on your clients to take selfies to repost.

Watch and learn, follow hashtags as well as people. What looks are you drawn too, look at the background, the lighting. But don’t get too much though comparing your work you need to stay try to your identity. Don’t be afraid of putting your work out there, top of mind awareness is key for growth. Keep consistent and share share share. 

4. Avoid the move hoovers

I recently learnt this saying from a friend and it is so true, your not everyones cup of tea and their are some ugly people that love to drag you down. Don’t give them your time and never respond on social it’s better to walk away. It hurts I’ve been there but for that one person there are hundreds that love you. 100% if you have a complaint respond immediately, its better to listen and find a solution rather than ignore or argue.

5. Training Your Assistants

Remembering or having time to take photos can be tricky when you having a busy day but this is one of the main ways you will grow your business. Your assistants can be a godsend, firstly they are young and know the latest apps and more importantly they can be your target audience. In a training session work with your team or even better invest in social media training.

6. Schedule your posts

Thinking of posting every day or making stories throughout the day can be daunting. Use a scheduling app like Planoly save photos, reuse photos, have throw back days. You will be surprised at how many posts you have stored away between your team.

7. Tag your posts

Getting a repost from a brand can grow your follow quickly. Make sure you tag everyone relevant, including clients if you want them to know about any new products. Use all 30 hashtags…it will get you noticed!

I hope this helps, I am no way an expert! I just watch and learn, follow everyone and remember your instagram is your identity.

My last words are that if i post anything with a picture of myself i get more than double the likes and comments…. keep it personal.



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