So you want to become an educator?

This week can only be described as incredible! The new website was launched 2. weeks ago and has been a whirlwind week of phone calls, DM’s, messages and emails.

The site is everything that I could have wished for and I have have had some fabulous feedback. Today I have spoken to my web designer and been told my site has received 1000 views in the first week!

Becoming an educator has been a hot topic this week, some people feel the word educator is being used like the word session stylist. So what does it take to become an educator?

Skill? Education? Passion? Technique?

Being an educator is something that you discover that want to move into, you discover the joy of teaching, watching people progress, allow people to share your knowledge.
You have a desire to share, your patient, understanding, calm and caring. But that’s not everything, you need to become your own business, you have to create PR around yourself and most importantly you have to have a unique offering.

How? I know what you are thinking…… hair is hair and people are teaching classes that I want to teach so how can I do this too? It’s not about that, they are not you and they don’t have your unique point of view.

To get education work and to be relevant you need to do some market research, successful people don’t just find the success they work for it!

How do you get this knowledge? I have found that there is no-one teaching this so I have launched a NEW course called Education 101. How does this sound?

Do you dream of becoming an educator but don’t know where to start? Do you have skills that you want to get out there and share your knowledge with salons? Are you looking to make an income from education?

I have many years of global experience in education, from designing content to teaching. I am able to share a wealth of experience with you.

The 1-day course will allow you to discover your niche, identify and find your dream client. We will build a marketing strategy to allow your dream client to know exactly who they are hiring and why. I will share the secret sauce that will allow you to put together an education program, from pre-visit to post-visit. This course also includes the essential social media that you will need for both your client and you.

Want to know when and where? message me!


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