Salon International 2018

I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year!
My Salon International weekend was very different from previous years. I was not with a brand, I was a stage host for Hairdressers Journal. Scary and exciting at the same time. I got to talk to some lovely hairdressers and saw some really amazing work.

On day Saturday I hosted the HJ stand, I honestly had such a good working with the lovely Sharon Webb and the Derek (AKA David) I called him Derek all day and told anyone that would listen what a wonderful help he was. So embarrassing…. but he was amazing and everyone needs a Derek in their lives!
My role was to welcome the guest artists and make sure they had everything they needed and to introduce them on stage.

On Sunday it was Choose Hair stage. This is something that I am really passionate about and whole heartedly support. Choose Hair is about raising the awareness of school leavers about how amazing the hair industry is. In March there is a national careers week where we need hairdressers to go back to their local schools and share your experiences of the industry. This stage was to allow young stylists their moment to share their work allow our future hairdressing stars to shine. Some had never been on stage before, some were very nervous and some took it all in their stride. It was such a great experience to be part of. Lot’s of family and friend support, even from Antony Mascolo watching his son!

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My final day on Monday was on the HJ men’s stage, this was a new stage to me as I have been heavily involved in women styling for many years so it was really refreshing to work on something new. The quality of work on this stage was amazing, perfect skin fades, fantastic stories about education. The barbers are really supportive of one another and value education.

These are my favourite stands that made Salon International exciting

  1. Balmain – I loved the concept of the house of Balmain. Launching their brand new colour range that you can bespoke for your salon. The house of Balmain was super cool and I loved this private area and of course the beautiful Balmain hair accessories.
  2. The Fellowship of British Hairdressing, they are a massive supporter of the hair industry for not only up and coming stylists but also a place where you can get to see the best of British hairdressing on stage. They have developed a great concept called the live lounge, which has interviews broadcast live on social media so if you can’t make the event you can still feel like you are there. Great concept!
  3. The Wahl stand as normal was massive and created lots of noise, they always have great energy and very inspiring.
  4. Another favourite was Hair Tribe, such a simple stand with lots of plants but what was cool is that they were making hair videos live which was great for everyone to see. They had a line up of fantastic speakers and always had a great audience when I walked past.
  5. Not at all least was the Goldwell stand, for me this was one of the most engaging stands at salon this year, the stage was fantastic with a great line up of guest artists, there was an area to learn about colour and their new pigments


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Salon International is still the best way to spend your weekend in October unless you get a Caribbean offer! Going to trade shows and having education really helps you to feel motivated, it’s worth the effort and you will see the benefits at work.
I caught up with some friends, made some new ones and laughed A LOT!



  1. Nathan Agland
    October 20, 2018 / 12:04 pm

    Thank you for visiting us and the nice words Jo! 👏 It was great to see you x

    • October 20, 2018 / 6:36 pm

      My pleasure and lovely to see you as always. It was a great stand with lots of interesting things happening all day. You guys did a really good job! See you soon x

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