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I was recently asked to take part in a new series of podcasts for Hairdressing News. The topic was education so I jumped at the chance!

I was joined by Carolyn Newman and hosted by Nicky Pope and Lilly Cox. As soon as we saw each other we started to chat and you could have started recording as soon as we sat down. The topic was education and how the need is changing and how we are adapting. I believe now is a point in the hair industry that will shape the way for the future. Large brands have already started to change offerings and the rise of the freelance community is growing.

Personalisation and bespoke are words that are used constantly to describe everything from make-up, beauty and hair, but how are brands adapting to shift in the industry? What are stylists really looking for? I have learnt that you need to stay close the industry and the young people that you need to inspire. Saying it’s not the same as it used to be does not help and to be honest I glad it’s not the same. To survive we need to move on, evolve, reinvent ourselves. We need to be more Madonna!

I am from an education background but have also owned a salon and this applies to all of us, are we listening? I am always watching, testing and learning. How are you inspiring your younger generation or how do you want to be inspired.

This debate could have gone on for hours, listen to our conversation here

I hope you enjoy,


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