As part of my role for ghd I have the chance to work on new product development. I asked on Instagram if you like to have a blog on behind the scenes tour and you said YES, and unfortunately 1 said no…. sorry!

The lab is based in Granta Park, Cambridge – Even with my glasses on I don’t fit in! There are some “big brains” that work here. This is now one of the largest technology hub’s: 1,400 technology and biotechnology companies employing 40,000 scientists and engineers and ghd are one of the only companies that research and develop heat styling products.

ghd have been working on their own technology since 2010 bring new innovations in heat styling. The team have a Mantra – “We know how to take our fundamental understanding of physics & create products which are seductive and iconic”

The facts…..

We use the analogy that hair is hair, ghd know that no matter what hair type you have it all reacts the same to heat. 185°c is the optimum temperature to style your hair, this causes the least about of damage and breakage. This is really important as we know we want to change our look frequently and most of us are worried about damage.

Hair goes through a process called the glass transition phase where that hair becomes mouldable, if you heat your hair too much it will cause irreversible damage and heating too low means your style want last.

Dr Tim explains that the Disulphide bonds are the fundamental structure. Hydrogen bonds are reversible, and allow you to style your hair. You are able to break and remake the Hydrogen bonds but if you damage the Disulphide bonds you will cause irreversible damage to the hair, it’s like remove bricks out of house, it will have no strength. Heat set at 220°c or 230°c, hair will be damaged permanently.

Your tour begins…..

I am here with the ghd Global MD’s …. not sure I fit in with this group either!

This behind the scenes tour is a very secretive and everyone has to sign an NDA, as we will see our future pipeline innovations. So in true James Bond style I can’t share everything!

Testing the swivel 

This machine tests the swivel functionality on the ends of stylers, Curve and Hairdreyers. They can rotate for 6+ months, that’s a lot of twisting!

ghd Drop test

This robot picks up and drops the hair straightener 50,000 times to test how a straightener would respond when dropped multiple times over the course of its usage. Hopefully we don’t drop our equipment that much, but it’s good know it will not break!


ghd Longevity testing

This room is my favourite! It’s full of Stylers, tongs and Wands all being switched on and off by robots. They get turned on and heated up to 185°C for three minutes, then switched off and cooled by the fan. There is an amazing noise of multiple bleep in the room making a ghd tune. It’s mesmerising to watch and there is something very comforting about it. This process is repeated to replicate 2 years of switching on and off and room works 24/7.

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The legend that is Dr Tim explains

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