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Last week I visited some of my friends up in Edinburgh, it was a girly catch up with lots of wine and gin plus a 7 course meal which I will share a review. Whilst I was catching up on my beauty sleep (and I love my sleep) my friend was already up and having a cup of tea. She noticed that I had been posting on instagram and thought I was awake….. nope I am still asleep!  I am going to share my secret.

As I have mentioned before I commute into London (90 miles away from home) and work for ghd as global head of education. As you can image my week is pretty full with just those 2 things, but now we need to keep up to date with social media as part of our roles and lives.

I have been working out how to simplify my social commitments and have started to plan my week ahead on social media so I don’t have to worry about it. I will of course post an ad hock moments to my feed but mainly use stories for day to day musings.

Want to know more?

Content Calendar – I have a separate calendar on my phone where I add in special events such as mother’s day, national friends day etc. This will help you to pre plan your content. It takes a little while to do but once it is done it will make your life and content creation so much easier.

Planning your social ahead of time – There are so many apps that you can download for free to plan your social media. With my blog I have google analytics which share with me my demographics and where my best social streams are. Everyone is different and it really depends what you want to achieve. I have found that from Instagram I get the most engagement but to drive traffic to my blog Facebook is the best. I do get a lot of traffic from Linked In (who would of thought!)

I concentrate my planning on Instagram and use an app called Planoly I am able to preplan and schedule my posts inline with my content calendar, I tend to do this on a Sunday and really only takes a few minutes. The app will give you analytics and allow you to see at a glance which posts work best for you.


Gaining followers – We are all trying to demystify the algorithm of Instagram and I am not expert however I do know the hashtags are really important. You are able to load 30 tags to each post and you really do need to use them all. I have been working on an excel sheet where I have been researching tags. You need to use tase that don’t have hundreds of thousands of posts. Try and find less used tags so you will be seen. I have also started to follow tags on my feed, this is great to see the type of content that is being shared and liked. Another great thing about planoly is that you can save your tags in the app so you don’t have to copy and paste from your sheet.

I love this quote and try to live my it…

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I hope you found this useful and let me know if you have any questions,


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