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This year’s global education shoot feels very special as it will be my last for ghd. I know I may be bias but I felt this is the best we have produced yet…

This year we took inspiration from the new ghd – Long Live the Queen’s campaign. The hair professionals have always been at our heart of ghd and this year we want to bring to live the Queen’s Makers in this series of images.

Why does ghd love the queen makers?
Because the truth is… When you look like a queen, when you feel like a queen, you can rule the world!

The queen is the hero, she lives to reign!
However, she knows that she wouldn’t be able to live her best self without the help of her queen makers! At ghd we give the power to transform our customer with the latest trends. This season has seen the return of accessories that are bespoke to your clients along with soft textured waves. It’s all about individuality and having a hair that suits the individual queen and of course the Queen Makers.

I absolutely love this and hope you can see this come to life in our 2019 images?

This year our loyal Queen Makers are;
Photographer – Jack Eames
Clothes styling – Boo Attwood
Make-up – Claire Evans
Video – Alex Simpson
Art direction – Jess Bottomley

Our Queen makers
Hair –
Jo Robertson
Dafydd Thomas
Amy Sontae
Zoe Irwin
Charlotte Mensah
Patrick Wilson
Leighanne Regan
Luke Benson

Our 2019 ghd Queen’s

I hope you love our latest collection as much as I do?


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