My Dubai packing

If you are travelling to Dubai you may be stressing about what to pack, I did the first time I went. I am travelling again this weekend for Beauty World Dubai where we (ghd) will be exhibiting for 3 days. This is a favourite trip for me as Dubai is unique, it offers wonderful sunshine all year round and most importantly fabulous shopping!

This trip is really a hard one to pack for due to the culture here, you may feel panicked into what is appropriate, can you wear little shorts or do you need to cover up? You need to be aware of the air-con in the shopping malls and restaurants, it’s that good it can make you feel absolutely freezing! My best tip is to bring some light layers, I have a few Kimono style jackets that I use.

So do you need to be mindful of what you wear in Dubai?

Not that I am a short mini skirt type of girl but when you are out in the malls and hotels avoid hem lines above the knee and off the shoulder type tops. It’s probably best to leave your short shorts at the hotel if you are going out for lunch.

What are the rules?

You don’t have to be worried about offending anyone if you pay attention, when you are vising malls or public buildings look out for the signs that politely remind you of what is considered acceptable/respectful. They are normally along the lines that say you need to cover your shoulders and knees and you should not show too much affection in public (I’m travelling with work so that wont be a problem for me!) At the beach it is totally fine to wear what you want, yesterday we visited Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina for the day (you can pay a day rate and get access to the beach front and pools for 3 hotels) and it is very relaxed and you are able to wear normal swimwear.

Not that we will have a lot of downtime on the trip but I would recommend this area for a chill out

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