Men’s grooming is this the evolution of man or a myth of social media?

One of the most amazing parts of being in the hair industry is that we all want the best for the industry and happy to share our successes, I attended Creative Head’s Coterie event on Tuesday night where the industries finest arrived to listen to barbering experts. The Coterie was introduced by the lovely Catherine Hancock who outlined what was in store for the evening.

I am particularly interested in this talk as I live in a male dominated family and have noticed the shift in grooming habits, as you know I am a hairdresser by trade but having to come home after a long day and start cutting families hair does not really excite me. My husband now wants his hair cut every 3 weeks so after being nagged I finally said it was OK to go elsewhere to get his hair cut. I will admit it felt like a betrayal and I did feel a bit sick whilst her was at the barbers! I will also admit I did say I thought I could do it better and I was jealous (it’s a hairdresser thing!) When I told my hair friends they all asked how I felt about it, it was like he was having an affair!

After a bit of Instagram stalking I have now found him a really cool place which I feel is up to standard, he get his hair cut in an environment that suits him and chats about man’s stuff!  So what are our men expecting or looking for in the male grooming market?

Is London Fashion Week Men’s relevant? Do men really care or is this leading the high street fashion? We first heard from Jessica Bumpus who shared a rather amusing video called The Pitti Peacock. It is really worth watching and kind of makes you understand what a complex race our male friends are! Jessica shared the evolution of men’s fashion weeks but I do wonder who they are talking to and is it really influential?

Our next guest was Robin James @manforhimself who is a male grooming blogger. Robin was asking the question “Can you innovate fashion without being absurd?” We are starting to see more designers crossing between men’s and women’s fashion, it is becoming an exciting times and a new era of fashion. But the big question is “Is the men’s fashion week no longer relevant?” Let’s hope our men are ready for this!

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Last up was our barbering pannel @slidercuts@portersbarbers @hardgrind each barber has their own super successful barbers and shared some amazing insights. One thing that really was clear is that your social media is a window into your world and really can drive your business. The trio also debated the unrealistic side to social media. Is what we are seeing the truth? Do you know how many filters or tweaks have been applied to a photo?

I am personally very happy to maybe smooth out some lines or add a filter on my Instagram to knock a few years off, one of our mantras at ghd is that no one gets up in the morning and tries to look ugly! But is this actually harming our industry? What does real hair look like? The expectation of clients thinking they can come in with black hair and leave with a clean blonde in one day is being shown on social and have you noticed that everyone has super thick glossy hair? I fear this is now becoming so exaggerated that we have lost touch with reality. Are your clients coming in with unrealistic expectations? Do you feel like saying I’m good but not that good?

Learning a craft takes time and commitment no matter if you are a women’s hairstylist or a barber and if hard work it’s worth doing. If you are reading this as a professional let’s take an honest look at our industry. Let’s champion the real hairdressers and barbers, the ones that share honest hair. If you are not from the industry I am interested to understand if you are aware of the social filters and tweaking of hair in images?

I would love to hear if you agree or not?

*Images sourced from Creative Head
Special thanks to American Crew for sponsoring the event (My husband was very happy with the goodie bag)




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