July Beauty Favorites

I have finally given up blow drying my hair this month, the UK summer has been unbelievably amazing and I have had to adapt my hair care route. With wearing my hair naturally curly I have had to up my moisture content for my hair so this months beauty favourites is mainly hair with a couple of make-up finds.

My life chaining product this month only arrived last week and I can’t believe I have not used it before. Alterego Miracle colour silver maintain shampoo. It is unbelievable, my yellow sun kissed hair was transformed to cool tines in one wash. It was like having a toner. I did not leave it in I just washed as normal. Fantastic! Wonderful! Amazing! If you are blonde you have to buy this. It does not dry your hair out like some silver shampoo’s, the only downside is that my hands were slightly purple after but I can live with that. The next time I used it I made sure I washed my hands and all was good. The scariest thing about this product is I can’t find anywhere to buy it in the UK! It is available from salons only at the moment.


Manta detangling brush my fiend Zoe gave me this as she is in love with them and I have to admit I can see why. The brush is really soft and fits into your hand perfectly with the top handle. I feel like it massages my scalp and not to vicious, I have a very sensitive scalp and don’t like wet brushes that pull. I have tried a lot of these brushes and it does feel very premium and less damaging for your hair and scalp.



Schwartzkopf Hyaluronic moisture kick curl power. In my previous blog about how to tame frizz I have talked about adding more moisture into your hair. I was excited to use this product as it said in the name exactly what my hair needed. This is a creme curl enhancer which is applied to wet hair. I have applied this and left my hair to dry on my morning commute. My hair is super soft and has a lovely sheen to it once i scrunch it up. It even holds the frizz away on day 2. For fine hair curly girls it’s great!




Clinique Chubby stick – I do love a hi-lighter but don’t want the tin man effect, we all want a dewy glow and I love this one as it adds a peachy tone to my skin. It’s a cream base and easy to apply, dab on and smudge in. The first day I wore it people commented on my make-up and said I look fresh so it gets my vote!




PRO/BASE MUA full cover concealer, this one shocked me as I thought it was an expensive product, it behaves like an expensive product but is super cheap! In the summer months I find my make-up slides off my face especially around my T-zone. I have been using this sparingly and it has made a difference. It’s also good for a little boast under the eyes especially as I get up silly early. I have been doing a quick wipe under my eyes as my train is arriving in Euston and its a great alternative to a coffee!




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I hope you find this useful and if you have any fav’s please share, I’d love to hear!


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