If you need to grow, standardise or develop your business and teams I am able to build capability training, on-boarding systems and general education material. A fresh pair of eyes can bring valuable insight and a new way of thinking can bring results. I have developed and brought to market certified education Level 3 QCF hairdressing qualification.

  • Standardisation of existing education material
  • Development of new education material
  • Corporate on boarding materials
  • Leadership programmes
  • Building hair qualifications

Don’t take my word for it...

Sometimes you meet someone and just  instantly know (or at least believe!) they are  special. Not only did I feel that way about Jo but in the next few years of working with each other she continued to raised the bar on those first impressions.
Context is important. Jo and I got to know each other after the mega merger of 40+ P&G Speciality Beauty brands (including WELLA) into Coty *and* the acquisition of ghd.
These were extremely turbulent times. The kind that test character. Jo was a calm, considered, thoughtful leader. She led her team and projects with care, creativity and superb business sense. Jo is a world-class educator and collaborator with deep expertise and a wide-range of experiences. She cares about our industry and is constantly looking for ways to contribute to it. For all of this and more, Jo has created a life-long fan and follower in me and I can’t wait to see what she does next!
Michelle Mason
FrontRowPro Co-Founder/Director
Intercoiffure Global Communications
Kinetic Consultant