January life detox

I feel like I make these promises to myself every year…. Eat more healthily, drink more water, exercise more and get more sleep. I will of course break all of these within days of being back to work. So this year I am saying NO to this and stop making myself feel a failure in 2019!

Does anyone actually follow through with a detox really? Is this what your clients want to hear?

We can’t expect to find the solution to life in a product but it can help, first you need to take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually as this will show in your hair. 

Have you experienced a client telling you they can’t do a think with their hair? It just won’t behave? It’s completely changed and they don’t know why? Do you offer solutions?

What can you offer your clients?

  1. Expert knowledge on healthy scalpsBrush up on your scalp knowledge and offer scalp clinic and solutions. There are many people out there with issues and don’t know who to turn to. More people are talking about hair thinning and looking for expert advice. My go to all time book is the Phillip Kingsley – Hair Bible. Every salon should have one of these in the staff room. Become the go to expert!
  2. Introduce luxury appointments –Women are looking for experiences, and time for themselves, introducing luxury appointments with scalp massages not only helps your clients to relax and unwind by relieving tension it also increases the blood flow to the scalp encouraging thicker healthier hair. Add on a hand massage and life is complete!
  3. Offer a treatment menu – Our clients are exposed to daily marketing of how to treat your hair. Protein, moisture, hair sheet mask. Honestly they just want to know what I need for healthy hair. Go out and find the ultimate hair treatments from different manufactures, cherry pick the best range available and build this into a menu. Keep it simple…. If you have hard to touch hair you need XXX. If you want to protect you colour you need XXX.

My final words are, tell your clients about it. Stop being the best kept secret in your town. Share on social and then share again and again. Keep talking to your clients they want to hear about it.


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