Today is International Women’s Day, I would like to spread the love for all the amazing Women in the Hairdressing Industry that are an inspiration to me.

This industry has given me a wonderful life, I love the community, the passion and most of all the people. Sometimes I feel that the quote “girl power” is over used but within the hair industry which is predominantly female orientated, we see very few females role models.

Today I want to give a shout out to some very special women in my life.

Thank you for being amazing! You are an inspiration and leading the way for all women in the industry.

Sylvie Moreau

Coty’s leading lady and all round Beauty super hero. A Wife, Mum and President of Professional Beauty at Coty, Inc. and is on the Executive Committee…. Pretty impressive! She is kind, caring and very passionate about the industry and she always has time for me…. real time, not the quick chat type….real time.

Sylvie has amazing business acumen and a true leader, she is someone that I admire for many reasons. She manages to balance her work and home life perfectly. I am thankful to have a female role model like Sylvie in the organisation that I work for.



Sally Brookes

British Hairdresser of the Year has been dominated by men for so many years, this year on her first nomination Sally did it! Winner of London Hairdresser of the Year 3 times previously

Sally’s hard work has truly been recognised, I am privileged to know a snippet of what she has planned for her year. Sally is an inspiration for all of us hard working girls propping up this industry. Well Done Sally!

We need more of us to follow in Sally’s foot steps, she is doing this in a beautiful way that respects the industry.

Michelle Mason 

Senior Vice President at Coty, Michelle is responsible for 1000 beauty professionals. I have only known this lady for a short period of time but she has impacted my life hugely. Michelle has given me time and the chance to progress. She is extremely talented and has the hairdresser at heart.

Michelle travels a lot for her role, giving up so much precious family time to support the industry. She is an incredible leader, she has a caring nurturing personality and really cares about us in the industry. A Wife, Mum and super hero.


Zoe Irwin 

This lady amazes me daily, she is one of the most generous stylists I know. She is super talented and has taught me so much. I have had the pleasure to work on so many shoots and projects, the way she views the future is inspiring.

Zoe mentors new talent and gives up so much of her time to make sure young stylists have the best start in the industry. I know I will forever have Zoe in my life and I am grateful.



Emma Bavin

Emma runs a Hair Recruitment agency called EG recruit, a hairdresser at heart but what is so amazing about Emma is what she is doing for the industry. Not for payment or too further herself, Emma recognised like a lot of us in the industry that we have a shortage of talent joining hairdressing. This is getting to a point that if we continue at this rate there will only be half the amount of stylists in the industry in 5 years.

Emma started a facebook group called Supporting Hairdressings future, she has produced a website called choose hair for any school leaver, teacher or parent can find out why the hair industry is so amazing. Emma gives up so much of her time to support young talent, she holds weekly Zoom calls for us all to join and raise awareness.

What is also truly inspiring is that Emma has 5 children, she is a wife and runs her own business and has the time to support the industry’s future!

Happy International Women’s Day,

Love Jo x



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