How to cope with curly hair in this British heat

Do you have curly hair?
I read a post today on instagram….. and I realised the struggle is real!

I have battled with my hair for years but this got me thinking, I have coped with this heat pretty well so far but to be honest I blowdrying it straight in the morning is not ideal in the heat, i feel like a need a shower again! We are all different, I have blonde chemically challenged hair with a natural curl. It’s not as curly as it used to be as I blow-dry it straight too often.

I’ll share my wisdom to avoid the alpaca look and what is working for me….

  1. Condition – To avoid the dreaded frizz your hair needs moisture and lots of it! I find that leave in conditioners work really well in the summer. I tend to use extra amounts of this and have recently used the Kemon nuova fibra. It’s a leave in reconstructing creme, it gives body as well as giving you lots of moisture. It’s quite new to the UK and a little hard to find but the Paul Mitchell – The Conditioner has been a go to leave in conditioner for me since the 1980s when we knew who to scrunch hair! It’s super hydrating and add a weight to your hair that does not allow frizz.
    Hair masks – This needs to be in your shower and even if you only leave it on for 5 minutes it will be worth it.
  2. Styling products – I find Sea Salt spray drys my hair out and makes it frizzy. I find styling products with moisture, like creme curl enhancers work best. They make my hair more shiny and the curls are more defined. My very new discovery is the Schwarzkopf Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Curl Power. WOW…. my hair loves it! Even day 2 is a dream. 100% worth investing in and would be perfect for holiday hair.
  3. Diffuser – To enhance and define your curls, the air gently blows out not disturbing your hair or causing frizz.
  4. Comb don’t brush – NEVER ┬áNEVER brush naturally curling hair it will make alpaca frizzy! Use your fingers and use a wide tooth comb when your hair is damp.

For my second day hair I scrunch water onto it whilst I am in the shower and leave to dry. The water reactivates the products and it’s as good as day 1.┬áThis is one of the few photos of me with naturally curl hair, it’s my second day hair and it was a good hair day!

I would love to hear about the products you use or if you have any tips on drying your curl hair. If your looking for holiday hair inspiration have a look t my holiday hair guide here

If you would like to know more about the products or where to buy them from click below.

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