Holiday hair care

Holiday hair care! This blog was asked for by my friend Carla and as I obey everything Carla tells me to do, here it is.

What does your hair do when your on holiday? I was looking through some pictures on my phone today and came across some holiday pictures from Thailand. My hair and Thailand really doesn’t ¬†mix, in fact it’s that bad that that my curly hair won’t curl, it won’t go straight. Its at the point that you think a pixie hair cut could be the solution!

Admittedly the weather was terrible (it just rained and it was not even the rainy season) but every night I thought I could beat it. My husband reminded me that I looked like Monica from Friends one night whilst we were having dinner as my hair just expanding during the night.

Of course I am worried about the damage the sun, sea and pool do to my hair. The worst thing is sea water for my hair, and yes I am that girl that tries not to get her hair wet.

Should I get my hair coloured before a holiday?

I have always told clients not to get there hair coloured directly before a holiday as the sun will lift colour no matter what protection you put on it. You can use UV protection and that will really help to protect, but don’t waste your money on a beautiful red or copper. My advise is to use a direct colour to add tone into your hair before and during your holiday if you really need to, but the best cure is a hat. No-one wants to get sun damage wrinkles anyway.

Day wear hair

If you have longer hair the chic way is to wear a top knot and to tuck the ends of your hair in. For us bob girls I wear a half top knot. The underneath of your hair is thicker and has less damage on it being shorter. I tend to pack cremes for the styling, I like the Sebastian Subline dressing cream. It tends to keep my fluff under control.


Dusk till dawn

This totally depends on what type of holiday you are on but braids are on trend at the moment and can be dressed up for any occasion. From twist braids to intricate woven braids the choice is yours, but I would give these practice before you go. Us girls know that we probably need to wash our hair everyday so don’t worry about the transition from day to night. Just braid it away from wet and you have more time for a cocktail!



What is your go to summer hair style for holidays? I am going to master the rope braid for bobs.

Have a look at my pinterest for holiday hair inspiration


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