Hay Fever – The Summer Pest

Throughout my child hood I have suffered with hay fever, I remember one year when I was in the salon I had to go and get a steroid injection as I could not function, I think that was the worst time I can remember. If you are sufferer I know you understand how annoying hay fever can be. Finally the sun is out, people are enjoying themselves and you just want to lock yourself inside. Apparently there are 10 million of us out there suffering each year.
About 5 years ago my hay fever did not appear one year, it was amazing! I could cut the grass, go for walks and enjoy the countryside….. Guess what? It’s back! I am so annoyed, why has it come back? What have I done differently?

I have been doing some research on why and how I can protect myself for tomorrow. I don’t really like taking hay fever tablets as they make me drowsy. I tend to use the none branded types such as co-op own brand, the active ingredient is cetirizine hydrochloride, beware this can make you drowsy if you drink alcohol with them. They work for me but you need to try what suits you and I quite like a little snooze after a glass of wine or two!

I have read over and over that these natural remedies help but a good one is before you go out put a small amount of vaseline around you nasal passage, this will help to collect the pollen that is causing you flare ups. Always where sunglasses to stop the pollen irritating your eyes.

It makes sense that if you introduce honey into your diet before the season it can be an antidote, you need to take local sourced honey for it to be effective. By introducing this pollen to your body early, before hay fever season, you could help your body develop a sort of protection to the allergies that the pollen creates. Honey might help to desensitise your body, lessening your hay fever symptoms.

Assorted teas
Personally I have a real dislike to fruit teas, but I know they do have a lot of health benefits, teas like chamomile, liquorice and nettle all contain antioxidants and antihistamines, which can be helpful in reducing symptoms. I did read that Chamomile is great for itchy swollen eyes, when used as a cold eye compress.

Who would of thought garlic would help symptoms of Hay fever! Having garlic daily will  help to boost your immune system and also acts as a decongestant and could help to relieve other symptoms like sore throats and headaches. Garlic contains quercetin, which is a natural antihistamine that provides allergy relief. Quercetin can also be found in onions, so if you don’t like garlic there are other alternatives that may help too.

Spicy Food
This one is not for me….spicy foods like hot peppers, wasabi, Dijon mustard and horseradish all contain a natural chemical called capsaicin. This is my idea of hell but if you like them they will open you nasal passages and reduce inflammation.


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