Hair extensions or not?

I have to say I have had far too many experiences with hair extensions, some great ones and some not so great! I’ll share my own hair extension journey with you and give you my professional wisdom!

Let’s start with the not so great….

The first time I wore hair extensions it was a bit of a disaster and very expensive! I had been growing out a short hair cut and desperately wanted long hair, being impatient I turned to hair extensions. I had track extensions which means you have a scalp braid and the extensions sewn onto the braid. I loved them! I swished around the salon all afternoon, until the headache arrive. The braid was far too tight and the weight of the extensions gave me a terrible headache. I persevered for 2 days and could not shake the headache and pain of the braid. The end was when my glands swelled up as my body was going into shock. A trip to the doctors confirmed they had to come out. I know a lot of people who have these and have great results. For me with a sensitive scalp it not an option.

Still desperate for long hair I tried individual bond extensions by Great Lengths the bonds are wrapped around a small section of hair, they are really light weight and pain free! They last for around 5 months but they do require looking after. The quality of hair is amazing and has a slight wave to them as well which allowed me to wear my hair curly too. I wore these extensions for around 2 years and had a great experience. The only downside is the cost and the application time, it can take 5 hours to get them applied. The cost varies depending on the salon you visit but can be £800 -£1000.

The last time I wore extensions was a couple of years ago and they were called Rapture and are taped extensions. They are a great solution to us time deprived, as the application time is 60 minutes! You can get lunchtime luscious locks. The hair quality is fantastic and they look really realistic. I have recommended this for adding volume, colour as well as length. You are also able to use the hair twice as they can be re taped. There is no damage to the hair and perfect for anyone looking for a short term change. They last around 8 weeks and curl beautifully. The only downside is that they don’t have a natural wave to them so I could not wear my hair curly.

There are many other alternatives for short term solutions available for special occasions and the times you just want a change. Clip in hair extensions are super easy to apply. Just backcomb your root area and clip in. My favourite brand is Beauty works The hair quality is amazing and the colours they stock are the best on the market in my opinion.

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My advice is to research why you want hair extensions and find the right solution for you. Try clip-ins to see if you like the feel of hair extensions and always find a reputable hair salon to get your extensions applied in. If it’s cheap there is a reason!

If you would like any advice I am happy to answer any questions.

Love, Jo x


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