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Making hair show’s is my absolute favourite part of my job, from the planning to the beer at the end of the show I love it all!

Being part of the Coty family ghd was kindly asked to put on a hair show at Wella Trend Vision final and we jumped at the chance! With the launch of the ghd Queens we were super excited to be able to bring the campaign to life with our ghd Queen Makers.

Having the right team is absolutely key to making the day run smoothly so we joined up with Andy Turner at Mass Movement to help us plan the show. It was great working with someone that was able to understand our concept and bring a another level of drama to the show.

Hair – Jo Robertson, Dafydd Thomas, Amy Sontae, Luke Benson
Make -up – Claire Evans
Clothes Styling – Amy Sontae
Choreography & Art Direction – Andy Turner

This planing started months ago and as a team we discussed clothes styling and hair. It’s important to show diversity with hair, finding girls with amazing texture hair that we can enhance and style with ghd. I’ll let the images do the talking!

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The show was split into 4 sections with each queen and her entourage entered through the tables before splitting into each section. There is a moment as you release control and let the dancers and models to their thing that you feel sick! We were so pleased how everything went got great feedback on the night which is alway good to hear.

Something that I have learnt through my time working on these type of shows is that it’s fine to change your mind or say that’s not working. Have a calm team means we can work the problem, we changed some of the clothing in the day, changed shoes and even one hair look. I even ended up making a DNA braid with a Wella winner called Lizzie who taught me how to do it with 2 people. It was sooooo much quicker! One braids under and one over so it’s a lot less confusing. We did this as a mohawk on a super long hair weft and pinned in.

A few close up images of hair so you can see more details.It was accessories, braid, details, BIG blow drys, crowns, waves all done with ghd.

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Another was the shag pile braid, this is the brain child of Dafydd! We will be teaching this very soon so stay tuned! Or come along to the ghd Queen Maker tour this month 🙂

Thanks to my fellow Queen Makers and Wella for making the show wonderful. We had a few extra pair of hands during the day from the ghd Style Squad and gh Brand Warriors. Thank you!


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