ghd Queen Maker tour

I am excited to share the ghd Queen Maker tour with you.

There is nothing I love better than getting out and working with stylists. This is something that I feel i excel at, I enjoy planning the concepts, push and evolving the brand concept.
The tour is allowing our ghd salons and stylists to be immersed in the brand and most importantly becoming a ghd Queen Maker! As we know anyone that looks and feels amazing feels like a Queen and to feel like a Queen you need a Queen Maker Рthe hairdresser.

But this tour was more about that, it was to allow our ghd Queen makers to learn more about social media and how to take the perfect images of there queens back in the salon.

For this I brought 2 of our ghd Creative Artists on tour, Samantha Cusick and Patrick Wilson to share their insights and wisdom. To be honest I thought I was ok at understanding social media, I am no way am expert but this was another level! I love learning new things and this left me realising I was just amateur. We have another date on Monday in London and I can’t wait to hear and learn more.

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To start we brought our ghd queens on stage with a dance routine setting the tone of the day. Next up was Sam and Patrick, what I loved is they shared what is working for them on social and how to get more likes and follows.

In a short time the success of salons will be deemed by there social media so now is the time to act. Can you remember recently booking anything without checking their Instagram or Facebook? Why would you book a hair appointment without knowing what type of hair they specialise in?

The stylists then get the chance to work hands on creating their version of looks for their Queens before heading over to the ring light bank to work with Sam and Patrick to get the perfect image. This was another area I thought I was ok at but they were both another level!

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As you can tell I love this event, none of this would not be possible without CS Media my production partner and all round hero. I always feel completely in safe hands with the team. Also to my ghd who are my everything.


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