February was a very exciting month for ghd! For the last few years we have been working on a new product and it has finally launched……YAY

Do you remember the first time you straightened your hair? Remember the feeling of the glide and how your hair swooshed? That was the exact feeling I had when I used the new ghd gold styler.

I love the grip of the new gold styler and how it felt when it glided down my hair. I have been lucky enough to have been testing this new product for a while and lovingly nick named it “The Cloud” as it felt like you were styling your hair between clouds!

 I mages from @ghdhair Images from @ghdhair

This new styler features innovative dual-zone technology, which allows better heat transference making straightening or curling your hair so much easier.

It comes with Smooth Contoured floating plates for ease of use when creating looks and ultimate shine on the hair. I have naturally curly hair and have noticed increased shine and beautiful natural movement in my hair.

When making waves or texture the round barrel allows me to create any movement so easily. My favourite look to create with the new gold styler is the mid kink, famously worn by the Kardasian’s.

The Science

One of the most important features is that it heats to 185 degrees. There is the optimum temperature for styling, (any hair type) there is no need for a temperature dial as all hair needs to be heated to the same temperature to allow the Hydrogen Bonds to break and reform; any hotter damages the hair, any cooler and the results are compromised.

ghd’s latest technology Dual-zone technology: Two heat sensors instead of one and wow this was worth waiting for. It controls the optimum heat from root to tip for smoother, sleeker and healthier looking hair, no need to repeatedly over straighten your hair, one stroke and it’s done. I have been using this now for a long time and really notice how shiny my hair is.

The next feature is a life saver, if you are like me and nothing goes to plan in the morning the Sleep mode is worth buying alone, it switches off if not used for 30 minutes.

I was lucky to work on the gold shoot with Zoe Irwin, Leighanne Regan, Jess Bottomley these are my best of – behind the scene instagram pictures

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The finished campaign…. I hope you like?



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