Fashion Week hair round up

Fashion week has come to town and left again leaving us still wondering what hair we should be wearing next season.

Does fashion week actually predict the hair that we will be wearing? Is it relevant?
I sometimes look at the hair and wonder how we translate it to the high street. However it is relevant and yes it does translate. OK some of it is not wearable now but it’s not meant to be it’s inspirational (spoken like a hairdresser)

The hair at fashion weeks allow the designer to bring their girl to life. I have worked on many fashion weeks over the years and if I have been involved in the designer meeting to plan the hair I have really enjoyed the story of the girl and how the designer see’s her hair and how it compliments the clothes.

The confusing part of fashion week is that you see some hair that is undone and just got up like this type of girl to the girl that has maxed everything. It is all doable in a non fashion week way.

Hair accessories
This has been a trend that has been around for a few seasons now and looks to stay. I adore the multi clip look at┬áMarco De Vincenzo show and then the Ashley Williamson show. I have a bit of a obsessions with hair clips, one of my most treasured possessions is my Ashley Williamson girls girls clips. I am scanning the internet waiting for the release of the techno clips. It feels very my era and my husband will finally think I’m cool!

These are my favourite looks of the season and a quick transaction is….
Fringes – sweeping or micro
Accessories – Never too many
Knots – Details in top knots
Waves – Not tried too hard, kinks and movement

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Can you see yourself wearing any of these looks?

I have put together a few ideas for hair accessories for you.

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