Do Jade Beauty Rollers actually work?

I have been hearing a lot about jade rollers recently and thought I would give it a go. Anything that helps you to look younger and less puffy is good for me. Using a jade roller in your beauty routine is the ultimate form of self-treatment. I have heard it’s a good was to de-stress before bedtime. Your face holds a lot of tension and will help to relax your muscles and in turn you will gain less wrinkles. I have read that Daisy Lowe and Rosie Huntingly Whiteley are users. Sounds good?

It is recommended to keep the roller in the fridge which brought some confusion in my male originated house! A naturally cool crystal, it calms swelling and redness in seconds. The first time I used it I could feel the coolness on my skin for an hour or so afterwards which made me feel like it must be doing something. Emperors used it as one of their ancient beauty secrets so it must be worth giving it a go?

How to use the roller?
It is recommend to use the roller after applying facial oil, with an upwards and outwards rolling motion. It helps the skin products to be absorbed deeper in the skin with less wastage. As you are using the roller you will notice that the motion makes you more relaxed. Perfect de-stresser before bed.
Use broad sweeps always working away from the nose area, roll across the forehead, cheeks, throat and décolleté area. I have hay fever at the moment and these rollers can be used to clear blocked sinus area by using vertically and rocking gently and then roll away from the nose.
Pay special attention to the jawline where congestion is prone to build up, rocking the roller vertically in the crevice where your neck meets your ear and then rolling it down towards your collar bone.

I have put this to the test over a week
Are you a skeptic like me? Is this another fade that will get sticky in the back of the fridge?

Honestly I am not convinced there is any difference in my appearance of my skin although around my mouth area it does look less saggy. This is my worst problem area fo showing my age. It’s probably the only place I would think about having fillers.

I am going to carry on using the Jade roller as I do think it helps to distribute your oils better but I am not expecting a miracle!


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