DNA braids | The new braiding trend

There is a new braid trend making an appearance on instagram, the DNA braid.

It’s not for the novice hair lovers as it takes a while to learn how to do it. I was asked this week to provide a quote on the new trend at work this week and immediately fell in love with the braid. As a hairdresser I look at it and think how you do you do this?

Your hair needs to be nice a smooth to get the definition of the braid, it works best without layers as layered hair will make the braid messy with ends popping out. My recommendation is to try this on a weft of hair to practice your technique before trying on yourself or even better get a friend to do it for you! This is for the more skilled amongst us and you must have time and patience to learn.

It’s not the easiest braid to do and it took me a few times to get it right. I was putting too much tension on the braids, you need to leave them with firm but not super tight tension as they will not twist.

  1. Prepare your hair with an oil and blow-dry into the hair. The oil will smooth and control fluffy fly aways.
  2. Smooth your hair out using a ghd styler, passing the hair through the styler plates will give you amazing shine and definition of he braids
  3. This is a 3 stem braid which is picked up from the outsides and passed over and under alternately.
  4. Your middle section needs to be the smallest. Take a small piece of hair from the furthest left strand, bring it over the 1st section, weave it under the middle, then bring it into the right section to join the rest of the hair. Repeat on the opposite side but doing the reverse. Under section 3, then over the middle and join the opposite side. continue picking up from right and left side. Make sure you don’t pick up too much hair as it will get too chunky and won’t twist.

Confused…. yes I was too! Watch my how to here, I have shown the technique really close up

Let me know how you get on 🙂 I really love this now and will be using this in up coming shows for ghd.


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