Coachella Festival round up

Coachella festival round up – Whilst most of us were feeling cold and miserable with the horrible British weather last weekend the glamorous were in Coachella looking fabulous kick starting the festival season.

I love this festival as you are never overdressed (actually wearing very little clothing is also acceptable), the more glitter the better! Even better that it’s on for 2 weekends. This year the festival was nicknamed Bychella as Beyoncé drew a huge crowd of adoring screaming fans, after a years wait as she had to cancel last year under doctors orders because she was pregnant with twins. She is also the first woman of colour to headline a music festival in Indo California. Beyoncé said “Coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline,”before singing “Run the World (Girls).”

Apart from the amazing music line up of artists the famous and social media influencers were out in force with their denim shorts and washboard stomach’s to die for. Finding the perfect place for your social media feed is the sought after shot of the weekend, I was starting to feel like if I did not have my photo taken in front of a Ferris wheel your life was incomplete. Saying that it would be the first place I would head for when arriving then carefully editing to be my profile picture for everything.

If you are visiting a festival this year and your looking for some inspiration or maybe going again this year, this is my favourite hair of Coachella hair.

There is so much amazing hair over the weekend from gorgeous waves, colourful braids to futurist space buns and of course glitter. There was a particular trend of soft pink hair with barley there waves. A newcomer to the festivals was a pipe braid. The cylindrical shaped braid is not that easy to do an yourself but looks amazing with accessories sewn through it. I am loving the use of scarfs in hair using them as hair ties or as a headband adding a pop of colour.

These are my favourite Instagram Coachella looks of week 1 – 2018

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If you are heading to a festival this year and would like some more hair inspiration have a look at my Pinterest boards  – Festivals, Accessories and Coachella or my festival inspiration blog 

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