Your guide to finding your lifelong hair brush

Brushes….. I have a hair brush graveyard at home, a box where I keep all my brushes. Ones that I thought could be amazing, others that promised me the answers to my hair issues and some because I liked the colour. I am going to bust some myths and help you chose the right brush for you.

A few questions for you;

  1. How many brushes do you have?
  2. How many of them do you actually use?
  3. A brush is just a brush? Yes? No? It’s about choosing the right brush for you.

Having the right kit can cut down your styling time at home, we all know if you can shave off a few extra minutes in your morning routine you’re a winner. For the professional the right brush can help reduce styling time whilst giving the best results for your client. Are you recommending this to your clients?

Who wants healthy looking shiny hair? So what brush should you be using?

I often stand in shops looking at the huge range of brushes and styling accessories, as a professional I am confused! Flat, round, oval, square, large,small….. the list continues.

What is the primary objective of a brush? It will massage your scalp, help distribute oils which will help your hair to stay strong, look super shiny and luxurious. But picking the wrong brush can cause tangles and even breakage.

If your hair is in bad condition, brushing will cause friction, hair fibres will break. Also brushing your hair whilst wet will put tension on the hair, stretching and cause breakage. Your hair is in the most fragile state when wet so you need to have a specialist brush/comb for wet hair. I would always recommend a Tangle Teezer after washing. Brush from the ends first to detangle, then from to the roots down to the ends, this will cause the least stress on your hair.

This is my cheats guide to combs and brushes

Wide tooth comb – Perfect for untangling, the must have for naturally curly hair.  It’s a great comb for dressing out waves and curls. It will give you a great undone textured look.

Back combing brush – I prefer the natural bristle versions of this brush, the teeth are able to add volume to any hair type. Use in a rocking motion, up and down at the root area, a total must have for hair ups.

Bristle brush – I always talk about the finish that you will achieve with a bristle brush. This is a must have brush for anyone that wants to get that lux finish to your blow dry. This type of brush gives a velvet sheen to your hair with the most shine using a natural bristle. Watch out for static when using a natural bristle on dry hair, make sure you prep your hair with a blow dry lotion to avoid.

Paddle brush – This is a great all rounder, but most suited for medium to long hair types. It’s a great detangler for dry hair and will stimulate the blood circulation around your scalp. It’s not great for adding shape into the hair when used for wet to dry styling.

Ceramic brush – A ceramic brush has a metal core which allows air to flow through. It’s an amazing brush for fast drying and to achieve a bouncy blow out. You will achieve an airy finish to your blow dry with this type of brush.

Round bristle brush – If you want a luxurious velvet bouncy blow dry, this brush for you. Bristle brushes can be harder to use and takes some practice.

Top tip –

The larger the round barrel the straighter the hair will be.

The smaller the barrel the more volume and curl you will achieve.

Nylon brush – If you do suffer with static these brushes are amazing. They are great for distributing natural oils plus its feels amazing in your scalp. Make sure you don’t buy plastic as these can damage your hair.

How to clean your brushes –  Always check the material of brush before cleaning.

Never soak your brushes in water if they are made of wood. The wood will swell and split.

The best way to clean your brushes is to remove any excess hair and wash with shampoo to remove product build up.

What is your hand bag brush essential? I love a miniature nylon brush. It’s a great refresher throughout the day. I have just discovered the Nixion Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo £24.99, it’s an amazing refresher – Spray your hair at the roots and you will regain the fresh feeling of newly washed hair.

My ultimate kit bag essentials

The famous Mason and Pearson –  They have been making this brush in London since 1905, they come in many sizes but the small Mason is my favourite handbag hair refresher. Price £50 – £90 Big investment but will last a lifetime!

The new kid on the block – YS Park Tortoise Brush. I have had one of these in my kit bag for a few years now, it gives a different finish compared with a Mason. The hair is lighter and the brush leaves a more modern texture. Price £90.

My favourite styling brush – ghd ceramic radial brush, The perfect size is 3 to created bouncy blow drys. The nylon bristles are a great length to grip the hair and give good control. Price £17.50

The ghd narrow dressing brush If you want to create volume this brush is a must have! The double layer of teeth create volume on any hair type and any length. The end is a perfect sectioner and a must for creating hair ups. Price £15.00

Finally the ghd wide tooth comb This is a must have for anyone, this is the perfect comb for detangling or dressing hair. If you want to create the Famous kardashian waves, this is the comb for you! Price £7.50

Who said a brush was just a brush!

Love, Jo x


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