My Austrian Ski Trip Uncovered

One of my favourite holidays is skiing. I am going to share my experience of where to stay, what to pack and a bit of dress etiquette. Austria is at the top of my ski destinations at the moment, I am in love with the beautiful Austrian Ski Chalets with their colourful exteriors and the warm welcoming people.

There is also another bonus to Austria, the slopes are very quiet, there is virtually no queuing at lifts and the food is just yummy! One of our favourite resorts is Zell Am See, we love the town centre and the Gin House at the bottom of the slope is simply the best!

Where to stay

You have a few options depending on your needs & budget. In general Self Catering, Catered Chalet or Hotel. Over the years we have tried them all. To be honest Self Catering works out just as expensive as a hotel, plus it feels like more of an effort to go and find somewhere to eat, or cook for yourself every night. When we have stayed in a self catering chalet we have found them quite noisy as they attract large groups of younger kids. Not great if you like a good nights sleep! For us a hotel or catered chalet allows us to relax more, without the worry of meal times.

What to pack

Really essential items that you cannot scrimp on;

  1. Thermals – You will need to buy some good quality thermals made from a wicking material, so no cottons, they will hold onto moisture and you will feel the cold. The mountain conditions can change so quickly and these can really be your savour in a snow storm.
  2. Ski Socks – You may think socks are socks but wearing a good fitting pair of socks will stop you from getting painful feet. Ski boots are not the most comfortable boots to wear. Myth Buster – thick socks are not the way to go!
  3. Mid Layers – Don’t wear normal jumpers, you need to take layers in different weights.
  4. Gloves/Mittens I personally prefer mittens. I get really cold hands and find these warmer. I prefer the mittens with individual fingers inside.
  5. Trousers – Again I get cold quickly and have tried so many types of trousers. My favourite ones are HD Duvillard, they are fleece lined and really do keep me warm. If I am skiing in spring I don’t wear thermals underneath. They are not the most expensive ones I have bought but they are the warmest by far.
  6. Ski Jacket – Again I have had quite a few jackets that I have tried and tested over the years. I prefer a padded jacket which is wind proof and water proof. As my jacket is warm I don’t have to wear lots of base/mid layers.
  7. Helmet This is a must, I just don’t understand anyone that does not wear a helmet. I have many years ski experience and still have a few falls. You can hire helmets at any ski rental shops very cheaply.
  8. Snood This is a game changer! It keeps your neck, face and ears warm and stops you getting wind burn. I love my turtle!
  9. BackPack – It’s always good to take a backpack stuffed with extra layers, different coloured goggle lenses, camera for your memories, snacks etc. If you don’t want to carry the backpack, there are lockers at the top of the mountain that you can store it in.

If you’re new to skiing I would recommend hiring your ski equipment. The above can be really expensive and you need to work out what type of skier or snowboarder you are. I didn’t  invest in equipment for quite a few years even though I knew it was a forever holiday.

A few girlie top tips;

  1. Take your slippers! This is normal to wear them to breakfast and afternoon tea. Plus they feel amazing after taking your boots off.
  2. Do you need to dress up at dinner? Absolutely NO! Jeans and jumpers are perfect.
  3. Make sure you pack sunscreen, you will be really surprised at how much sun you will catch.
  4. Take snow boots, Uggs won’t do! You need really good quality with grip and that are waterproof. You will also need some indoor shoes, leather boots or trainers.
  5. Don’t over pack, you don’t need lots of clothes. I tend to take a couple of pairs of jeans, some joggers and tops.
  6. Less is more on this holiday, no need for lots of make up or hair blowdrying. If you want to know how to style your hair read my Helmet Hair Blog

These are your 7 beauty essentials for your trip.


  1. Pixi Shea butter lip balm – tinted pink and perfect for apres ski
  2. Dr PawPaw – Multipurpose Smoothing Balm. Can be used on face and lips
  3. Bioderma Photoderm 50+ Sun Protection
  4. Gallinee Hydrating Face Cream
  5. Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream body treatment
  6. Nuxe – Reve De Miel – body exfoliator
  7. Wella System Professional Hydrating Hair Mask

If you have not tried a ski holiday, put it on tour bucket list!

Love Jo x


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