48 hours in Shanghai with ghd and Wella

What can you do in 48 hours in Shanghai? It sounds like a film but it’s true I went half way around the world just for 48 hours! This is my whirl wind trip to China….

I have to mention the visa issue, it rook three attempts for them to accept my photo, the first two I sent they said it did not look like me. I was a little tired and perhaps not looking my best but it was me! on my 3rd attempt and another £6 lighter they accepted me. The funniest part was my picture is not even on my visa!

I planned my sleep carefully on this trip, I took a sleeping tablet as soon as eaten and I managed 7 hours sleep. Thank god I did as the Hong Kong team worked me hard!

This is the first time ghd has been to China and produced a show, we were very grateful for Wella to ask us to be part of the Trend Vision show in Shanghai. It allowed us to show what the ghd can do with Asian hair. I was joined by the lovely Robert Resnick from ghd Hong Kong to style the hair. Our theme was all about the ghd Queen’s and how we as the hairstylist Queen Makers brought them to life.

Day 1 – On the day I arrived we filmed some how to videos with some local influencers and then straight off to rehearsals for the main event. Our models were amazing and some some incredible walkers! For us as a styling brand we don’t have to worry about colour so our prep day os pretty easy, we just sort the models with looks and make sure the clothes are right for each Queen.

Day 2 –Show day Early start and a full day of prep to get our 12 models ready. Our super talented Amy Sontae made the clothes for the show and adapted some high street pieces to bring our 4 queens to life. Our hair is about is about beautiful shiny hair that allows you to be the Queen you want to be.

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Unfortunately I left the day after on the 11am flight back to London so did not manage to have any down time and see anything of Shanghai. My hotel room was amazing and had full length curve windows in the bathroom, I would of loved to have a lazy bath watching the busy world of Shanghai pass me by but it was hair, hair, hair on this trip!

Shockingly the western gin and tonic epidemic has not reached China! All I wanted after a long day was a very large G&T, the had to get the manager across in the end, they thought gin was just for cocktails. I think I had gin and lemonade in the end but I was over it by that time. If your looking for a business opportunity take a gin bar to China.

Next stop Wella Trend Vision Poland!





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