ghd is now part of the new Coty family which has opened up new opportunities for the brand. This week we have travelled to Rotterdam to be part of the Benelux Trend Vision show. 

During a visit to Wella acadmey in Rotterdam we discussed ghd taking a stage slot for their final in Amsterdam and Brussels in September. This was a great opportunity and we jumped at the chance.

As ghd is a styling brand we wanted to keep the focus away from colour so you would be able to see the true beauty of the hair styling. We decided on 12 models and for them all to have white blonde hair, emphasising on styling rather than colour.

Casting 12 models for a show is difficult, getting 12 models all having white blonde hair was even more challenging. The Wella team took care of this locally for us, and did an amazing job turning our ambitious brief into reality. 

I travelled with Dafydd Thomas and Amy Sontae from the global team, we arrived in Rotterdam on the Saturday to be greeted by freshly and expertly coloured hair by the Wella team. We brought the clothes with us from London and had amazing black open skirts made for the models. I have to say it all look amazing…… until we tried on the clothes. The jumpsuits that we bought started to ladder, about 8 out of the 12 had ladders in them. They fitted fine and we just could not understand. There was nothing we could do, it was late on a Saturday night, we had no option but to go with them. 

Prep started in Amsterdam the next morning, they had put together a great backstage/front stage area in a great warehouse venue. We had a raw, industry feel and worked really well with our luxury brand show design.

Despite the dress challenge and only 3 of us doing hair for 12 models it went perfectly! Great team work…….the devil is in the prep!

The same night we travelled to Brussels, arrived at 3.30am and did it all again. Large amounts of coffee were consumed that day. Thanks to the wonderful Wella Benelux team, we loved visiting you!


Jo x

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