For sometime now, I have been worried about the future of the industry which is my life. We have a decline in young people entering the industry. Quite a lot this is due to the misinterpretation of the opportunities of being a hairdresser.

I entered the industry at the age of 15 as a Saturday girl in a local salon. This led to me entering into a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) to begin my journey. I have always been in the industry and I have made a good living. I have been employed, self-employed, salon owner, educator and manager. I have had a fantastic career. This industry is like no other, and yet is still branded as a second choice.

I still hearing that careers advisers are telling young people that the hair industry is for people that are not academics and that the salaries are poor.

We are in crisis and I have been using the term “Global warming of the hair industry”. We know there is a decline in young people entering the industry and we know that they also do not stay. Salon owners are finding it hard to recruit apprentices, we need to take action as this industry will not continue to grow and standards will suffer.

There is a group called supporting hairdressing’s future. This is not a manufactures’ ploy to sell more products. This is me, as a hairdresser wanting to future proof the industry. Please show your support by joining the group.

We are asking us all to support and join together, show the young people that this is a wonderful job and that you will become part of the hairdressing family. We know there is nothing else like it. We just need to share.

We are asking you to email or call your local school and offer to give a talk about your journey in the industry. There will be regular updates on the page and weekly calls to share progress.

Zoom calls are Monday 7pm and all are welcome.



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