One of my favourite holidays is skiing, I love the thrill and the beautiful surroundings. BUT my hair…… I just looks dreadful!

Being safe is more important than vanity I hear you say? I totally agree, but I look around at other people when we stop for the multiple hot chocolate breaks (with the mandatory cream) and wonder why I look like I have been riding on the back of a motor bike with no helmet!

I have naturally curly hair and with my hairdressing background I should be able to make good of the situation. Answer = No!

This year I have really worked hard at making the best of my follically challenged hair. I have paid attention to how girls are wearing their hair on the slopes.

This is my guide to surviving the mountain and still looking presentable for Apres Ski!


For the more skilled of us the French Braid is the perfect options. It fits neatly under your helmet, but he ultimate is the double! It’s perfect for the Apres ski, you can undo your braids to reveal your crinkle texture. If your not so skilled divide and start braiding from the nape area.

Multi Ponys

For the less skilled multi-pony is perfect for hiding away your hair. I find my hair gets very dry when skiing and this is perfect to tuck into your jacket and protect. When you remove your helmet it still looks neat and in control.

Downside is that you can’t transform this look at the end of the day.

The Tucked Pony

This looks more complicated that it is! I like this pony as it sits at the bottom of your helmet but you look chic when you have your chocolate break.

All you have to do is secure your pony in the nape of your neck with band (not too tight) and make a whole above the band with your finger. Flip your pony upwards and feed through the whole. This add an extra twist to the hair. Simple!

Love Jo x


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