The worst mistake you can make with your hair is not to change it.

The hunt to keep looking fresh and young is a life long mission, trying to find your perfect hair cut is something that every women is obsessed with. The moment that you catch yourself in the mirror and feel great is priceless!

Keeping the same hairstyle for decades can be really ageing. We all have a moment in time where we feel amazing, if you are reaching a certain age, it may have been in your 20’s when your weight was great, you had lots of confidence and you were wearing the perfect dress. This is the photo you have been showing your hairdresser for years. The truth is, we all need to evolve, except the inevitable and be comfortable with who we are now.

This is not about losing your identity, this is about evolving. As your skin changes so does your hair. Anything below mid length is ageing. As you get older your hair can thin so you need to make sure your cut and colour has layers and depth. Your hair should look luscious, shiny and healthy. You need to have regular haircuts and treatments to keep it looking great. Having one length hair can also be ageing, try adding texture with waves and curls to add volume.

One more rule is not to wear your hair not too tightly in pony tails or knots, this will only make you look older. Hair that is softley pulled back is more flattering and softens features rather than extenuating wrinkles or imperfections. Work with your best features and enhance.

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