This weeks work trip was to Croatia. The trip was to brand reveal ghd to all the Coty distributors at an event called Destination event in Dubrovnik.

I travelled with Lorna Baker to put on a show for the distributors during their white ball, we had 4 models and needed to introduce the audience to ghd.

My brief was to give the Wella clients a glimpse into the world of ghd, to be able to in 15 minutes allow them to fall in love with a brand that is premium, playful, feisty and glamorous….. Easy!

Things are never easy when you can’t cast your models and have to rely on someone else. I have allows made sure we have a solid casting brief on the type of hair, length, colour. Having brand guidelines also really help, this allows everyone to understand your objective before you even arrive.

But before I talk about the show. WOW Croatia! I feel like I should not tell everyone as I don’t want it to get spoilt. This place is incredible, the scenery, the buildings! This is a bucket list destination. We stayed at the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

The show was designed to be able to give a snap shot of all the ghd tools in 15 minutes, this was the audience first see of the brand and how to use the tools. There is quite a lot to say and show in 15 minutes! We had an amazing time and were made to feel so welcome by our new Coty family.


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