I had never thought of visiting Moscow but I would highly recommend putting this on a your bucket list.

BUT first you have to get a visa…..

Be prepared for quite a long process, the website to is long and you will need to have your family history to hand as well as your last 10 years international travel. I needed to find my old passport and include all the trips that have stamps in your passport.

As we needed to visit on business we needed to obtain an invite, this all sounds very complicated but you can get all of this done for you at the agency for visa application. It is a little expensive around £180 for the application. It takes round a week to be processed and you need to attend yourself as you also have to be finger printed. Your passport then needs to be left with the agency for 1 week. You will then have your visa in your passport (remember to get a good photo as it’s staying with you!)

As part of my global role we induct new countries into the ghd business with a 3 day on boarding program. The reason for our visit was to induct the Russian Wella team.

They look after multi brands and were very excited to have ghd as part of their bands. They have really amazing studio pace, i have now visited many countries and this is one of my favourite stdio spaces.

Next stop is the breathtaking Red square, to be honest I doth know what I was expecting but Red Square did not disappoint! I don feel in images you can feel the perspective and how big the buildings are. Even on a grey and cold day the colours were so vibrant. The walls around the Kremlin stood powerful and the large fur trees were drafted by its size. I feel very privileged to have visited Moscow and will forever remember its beauty. 

The surrounding areas we remised with traditional buildings and wonderful shopping but also mixed with the new with a inner city park.

I can’t finish this blog without mentioning food , drink the most wonderful discovery….  Napoleon cake. Wow, gorgeous light puff pastry with a vanilla creme patisserie with a light dusting of icing sugar. This was the coffee shop dessert, the dessert with wine and also after dinner. Now I need to find this at home 🙂

I did managed a vodka but found a love for Georgian food. You must visit the City Space Bar for the fantastic views over Moscow plus their excellent selection of gin.

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Would I go back again – Yes

I would take warmer clothes and trainers as there is lots of walking.

Try the cake and Georgian wine…. Delicious!


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